About Us

About Us

Thomas Roache, PE – Chief Games designer  – Principal

Hi I’m Tom Roache. I’m a professional Civil Engineer in the field of Land development. (I play with dirt). Also I coach gymnastics and Tumbling. On top of all that I’ve launched a game company – Red Duke Games. Back in 2012, I was the driving force behind the creation of the Robotech RPG Tactics tabletop game. I took the idea of the tabletop game to Palladium Books (the holder of the IP) with lots of enthusiasm and an example of how the game could be played, and I pitched it. It worked and the 1.4 million dollar kickstarter happened.. Throughout that time I have done alot of behind the scenes wheeling and dealing (lots of phone calls) to create Red Duke Games. It took alot of effort to start a game development company, research a game company structure and start to develop a few of our big game ideas.  With the help of my great friend Mike Slater, we are in a position to develop some really amazing games and ideas that could bring about some really great gaming experiences…. or the apocalypse! Time will tell.

I have been an avid Tabletop gaming player since out of college in 96′ and have been enjoying playing games and hobbying all my life (I was born in 72′.) See my blog for the Robotech RPG Tactics game here: www.RobotechBattles.blogspot.com


Mike Slater – Game Developer – Principal

Mike Slater rose from the Stygian depths of Corporate America at about the same time Viagra and Google came to be. Irish Astrologers and Iron Maiden fans remain divided as to whether or not these events are related…


Our Games

Hobotech Jetpack Arena

Red Duke Games

Current Projects for RDG:

Numinous on Kickstarter
Hobotech - Playtesting