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The Necronomnomnom

Unspeakable Carols - A Tome of Lovecraftian Holiday Hymns and Cthulian Canticles

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Red Duke Games is a brand new game company that aims to bring fast fun to the tabletop. Our games bring friends and family together for everything from elegantly simple card games small children can play together or with with their parents, to dark and complex adult games with unique flare and flavor.
Our goals are games that are fast to learn, fun for everyone to play, and compelling in their story and presentation. We are an interactive company, with production and devolpment focused in-house and in the U.S.A. We are proud members of the Philadelphia Game Makers Guild, and the folks behind that eldritch tome of gustatory delights - The Necronomnomnom. Come see what we're cooking up next! 

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International (non-US) customers - please contact us at with the product you are interested in and your location - we will respond with shipping and handling costs and arrange sales by other means. Any non-US sales through the website will be cancelled and refunded. Red Duke Games is not responsible for any VAT taxes, tarrifs or any other fees imposed by customs or any governmental agency, law, or policy. The customer will be responsible for those fees, if any are applicable. Thank you for your understanding.

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Who is The Red Duke?
Savior. Scourge.
His legend spans Time. Members of all nations both forswear him, and claim him as one of their own. Across endless battlefields he strides, his black blade reaping man and beast, hellspawn and zealot like so much wheat before the scythe. He is master of a unique and dreadful sorcerous power called The Ebon Flame; but as to who his master is, none can say...