Food & Wine Magazine picked us up early in the project. Sweet!

Food & Wine Magazine picked us up a day into the project. Sweet!

The spooky recipe tome is raising funds on Kickstarter.


Updated October 12, 2017

Anyone can get into the Halloween spirit with ghosts and spooky vampires, but what about true horror? Enter the Necronomnomnom, an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired cookbook full of monstrous recipes and creepy illustrations. The luxury versions of the book will even feature handcrafted latex covers to look truly horrific. Warning: we can't promise you that something many-toothed and -tentacled won't emerge from your oven if you cook these recipes.

The book's title is based on Lovecraft's Necronomicon, a grimoire (a textbook for magic things) that appeared in several of Lovecraft's stories. The contents included cryptic rhymes about death and information like how to summon horrifying ancient beings known as the "Old Ones," and the cover was said to be made of, ugh, human skin.

The cookbook version is available for a $30 pledge (or, if you're a little tight on cash, you can get the $15 digital book). It includes recipes like "New England Damned Chowder," the "Foul-lafel," and "The Side Dish Not To Be Named." The recipes are gorgeously illustrated by artist and Lovecraft devotee Kurt Komoda. The style of the illustrations is basically Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook meets Stephen Gammell's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark illustrations.

Courtesy of Mike Slater / Tom Roache Kurt Komoda / Red Duke Games

Right now, the book's Kickstarter is at about $1,600 of its $27,500 goal, so if you want horrific cuisine to be an option in the future, pledge away. $125 will buy you the fancy, latex version signed by the authors and illustrator. $250 will buy you your own recipe featured in the Necronomnomnom (working with Red Duke Games, the creators, to come up with a thematic name for it). $2,500 will get you and three friends a lavish dinner with the creators, and all present will get deluxe versions of the book.

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Unfortunately, the book won't ship until June 18. In the meantime, you can satisfy your Lovecraftian culinary urges this Halloween by baking yourself a Cthulhu pie, or maybe just by chanting lots of mysterious syllables while you cook and hoping for the worst.

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