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What Games have you made so far? (6/23)

Well Along with the Cookbook "the Necronomnomnom and it's boozy companion "Lovecraft Cocktails" we have had success with some excellent games as we lead into the summer of 2023.

Our Current Games:

  • Azrah: War of Heralds  - An excellent stand alone 2 player game
  • Which Won - our children friendly card games of trying to figure out how your animal best answers the currently asked question. 
    • Animals edition - cute and not so cute animals (Currently Sold Out - restock soon)
    • The Spooky Edition - A holloween freindly edition of Which Won
  • Catawampus - Our Pennsylvania made board game that keep selling out - you will never play checkers again.

With many more exciting games in development.

Is this version of The Necronomnomnom the one from the Kickstarter?

Yes! Until they're gone, this is where you can get your very own First Edition Necronomnomnom. These are the remainder of the first print run, and when they are gone - they're gone!

What Games Are You Making First, and When are They Coming Out? (Circa 2019)

Or, "Why did you launch with just a couple of products?!"

Well, you have to start somewhere, and this is what we've got ready to go. Sales from "The Necronomnomnom" and "Which Won?" will go toward producing our first games. We have production pretty well figured out, so the pipeline isn't long. We hope to launch two to three more product lines in 2019. Slightly ambitious, but...we don't aim low. 


It is looking like a second book in the "Gruesome Grimiores" series - Unspeakable Carols - Lovecraftian Lyrics to Cthulian Canticles, and Azrah: War of Heralds. Check out the Ideas in Development page for details! While you're there, have a look around a let us know which planned products appeal to you the most. Who knows - you could help us prioritize!

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This is a work of art!! Everyone should own this! - The Necronomnomnom
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