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There are many secrets within The Necronomnomnom. One is worthy of a Deluxe cover if you are the first to discover it. If you think you have the answer (and have retained your sanity well enough) - perform the Rite of Sending to RedDukeGamesLLC@gmail.com and tell us what you have found. If you are first and correct - a Deluxe cover for your copy of The Necronomnomnom is yours!

For minor secrets, Easter eggs, or simply Things Mortals Were Meant to Eventually Notice - we offer the fame and noteriety that can be yours by posting your discoveries before anyone else on that other Book of Faces:

The Necronomnomnom

If you like your privacy, you can also simply email us at the address above. There's no prize but our admiration, but we do like hearing how clever our customers are.