The Second Course
April 30, 2019

The Necronomnomnom is getting a mass market edition!

That's right - the Tome of Darkly Delicious Delights will be summoned to bookshelves around the world this October! From deep within the Amazon, to the Noblest of Barns - mortals will be able to obtain The Necronomnomnom! Collectors will enjoy a slightly more civilized take on the wild rantings seen in their unique First Editions; while unsuspecting masses will squeal in terror and delight at the revelatory recipes found within. The Power of the Nom grows unchecked!  IN STORES AND WHEREVER BOOKS ARE SOULED -  NOW! This is GREAT holiday gift for the Cthulian cultist in your life.

Publisher: Countryman Press

Author: Mike Slater

Format: Hardcover and Kindle

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Client Testimonials
Kind words from happy clients
"You will love this book for all of the gore-filled recipes based on Lovecraft stories, creatures, and characters. The illustrations that accompany each recipe are fantastic. . . . Super creative . . . it’s definitely a book you will want for your creepy collection, and it’s perfect as a recipe guide for your next Halloween party."
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