Bad Manors

Bad Manors is a tile-based 3-D board game set in any of a series of sprawling old manors, each with its own history and challenges. The tile are held in place with beautiful fascades suitable for use in 28mm scale games of all sorts. The boxed set comes with tiles and double-sided 3-D fascades to place them in, two casts of characters (four for each manor) and challenge cards, creatures, and dice. The game is infinitely replayable, as each set of tiles can be arranged differently each game (and sometimes during the game!). 

Client Testimonials
Kind words from happy clients
The play mat from Red Duke is by far my favorite out of the ones I own. The build quality is great and the artwork is amazing. Even if I don't always play (or win) like a pro and least I look good while doing it :)
Jason C.