Azrah - War of Heralds  ($40.00)
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Players start a game of Azrah by secretly recruiting a party of three Guardians from a roster of archetypal heroes such as The Paladin, The Assassin, The Warlock, and others familiar to fans of the fantasy genre - but each uniquely reimagined for the game.

After recruiting their parties (each archetype is available to each player, each game), players carefully position their party in a secret vanguard. Each player's chosen Guardians are then revealed. With a look at what each Herald faces, both secretly recruit two additional Guardians from their remaining rosters in hopes of best countering their opponent's force. These two additional Guardians remain secret until they are rotated forward when a Guardian in one of the vanguard postitions is injured or flees. 

Victory is acheived when one Herald defeats enough the other's forces. 

Game play is unique, and allows for endless variability and refinement of strategy. Veteran CCG and TCG players will enjoy a novel and self-contained game; and players newer to card games will learn the elegant mechanics quickly. 

Beautifully illustrated cards providing all that is needed for two players in this core set. New Guardians are planned to expand your roster and enhance your game!



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