Commissioned Scroll/Map/ Play Mat Case  ($45.00)
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Bespoke cases to protect your play mat (or secret map/ancient scroll - it's really none of our business). Made of stout PVC - not  thin flimsy plastic - and hand painted and sealed for durability*. We are offering the Cthulhu design pictured, but can take custom orders. As these are hand made, variations are to be expected, and custom orders will be created based on your description of the desired art (but are not refundable).  Reference art for custom orders is fine, but will not be reproduced. 

15.75" tall, 2.5" diameter. Easily accommodates common 14x23" play mat. panerai radiomir replica

4-6 weeks to delivery for comissions

*you could actually use this to defend your valuables from a pack of rabid Zoogs, but we do not warranty against combat damage.

Client Testimonials
Kind words from happy clients
The play mat from Red Duke is by far my favorite out of the ones I own. The build quality is great and the artwork is amazing. Even if I don't always play (or win) like a pro and least I look good while doing it :)
Jason C.