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Numinous, where each player uses Cards to earn points and be the first to reach victory and escape the fearsome creatures that serve your opponent. But victory is as elusive as some of the denizens of the Numinous; not only can you reach victory; you must be able to hold onto victory to win the game. Every card you play gets you closer to - or further away from - your goal.

You change your running points total with your villagers and events cards - or with a Beastie: Figures from literature and legend imbued with their own specific abilities. 

As the game progresses, you get closer or further away from the Victory number; but be careful, for your opponents are doing the same. Any card played can secure or deny victory...and once there, can you hold on long enough to win? 

Ages: 8+

Players: 2 - 5

Time: 20 - 30+ minutes

Components:  103 cards: 55 Mythical Creature Cards, 40 Villagers Cards, 8 Events cards, and Instructions. (Final numbers to be determined)

Needed to play: A play surface and coins, counters or tokens (recommended).

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