Insensitivity Training

You've been to the training, you know the one - where you sit for hours and listen to how it's not OK to grab people's behinds at work (...really?! WHO KNEW?!). Well, get ready to be microtransgressed - because the last one offended wins! In INSENSITIVITY TRAINING you take on the role of an employee with SCJ Co. (The Souless Cubicle Job Company) where HR has made sure that no one is safe from being considered insufficiently inclusive, tolerant, politically correct, enlightened, "woke" - or allowed to just do the thing they were hired to do without offending someone else by existing. Your HR profile will tell you when to be offended, and OMG event cards will tell you what to be offended about. Use them or pass them to your advantage, and someone else's detriment! It's not about climbing the ladder or doing good work - it's about dodging PC bullets, staying off HR's radar, and out of your fellow (permanently outraged) employee's crosshairs! 

Rated Mature for language, situations, possible table-flipping, rising blood pressure, brain-melting cognitive dissonance.

TRIGGER WARNING: Everyone. Everything. No Exceptions. 

60 cards

1 Office Map

5 Hypersensitive Meeple

Client Testimonials
Kind words from happy clients
"Wonderful and fun. . . . Not only is the cookbook well produced with great art design, but the content is exceptional. . . . Beautifully done . . . this is an excellent cookbook, and if you are a fan of Lovecraft or just a fan of the macabre, you will love this. If you, like me, are a cookbook collector, this is an indisputable classic that is a must-have."
The Well Seasoned Librarian