The Book of Terrors  ($60.00)
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The Outer Darkness, an unknowable stygian realm that surrounds and enfolds our tiny islands of the familiar in dark leathery wings, smothering light and draining all sanity from mortal minds. Fifty creatures of such terrifying character that the human mind recoils from even perceiving them. Fifty images of original horror never seen before. Fifty leaves accumulating all that is known or guessed about beings of such power that they might walk through our world  without noticing - leaving untold madness and destruction in their wake. 

Fifty original creatures, imagined and described in a lexicon of new terrors suitable for your horror games, storytelling, or nightmares. With art to match, this is not the book to have left open on the coffee table when unexpected visitors arrive...

Super-premium hardbound edition, with high quality paper and materials throughout. 

100+ pages

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The play mat from Red Duke is by far my favorite out of the ones I own. The build quality is great and the artwork is amazing. Even if I don't always play (or win) like a pro and least I look good while doing it :)
Jason C.