Axes At Dawn - Victory or Valhalla!   ($40.00)
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Choose a Viking Berzerker warrior or a fearsome Shieldmaiden in this fast-paced game of head to head (and head off shoulders) dueling game. Be the last warrior standing to win victory - or fall and join the Gods in Valhalla!

Build and rebuild your warriors with Torcs placed in four martial attributes, and modified by the Warrior's Wyrd - a modified bestowed by the Norns to bless your blade or curse your foe's arm. 

Two beautifully illustrated, high quality 23" x 14" play mats (choose Berzerkers or Shieldmaidens)

10 Runes

42 Action cards

1 rules card

24 Torc tokens

Client Testimonials
Kind words from happy clients
The play mat from Red Duke is by far my favorite out of the ones I own. The build quality is great and the artwork is amazing. Even if I don't always play (or win) like a pro and least I look good while doing it :)
Jason C.