Axes At Dawn - Victory or Valhalla!

Choose a Viking Berzerker warrior or a fearsome Shieldmaiden in this fast-paced game of head-to-head (and head-off-shoulders) dueling game.

Be the last warrior standing to claim victory - or fall and join the Gods in Valhalla!

Build your warrior for the battle with Torcs placed in four martial attributes. Earn a Warrior's Wyrd - a boon bestowed by the Norns to bless your blade or curse your foe's arm. 

Combat is simultaneous with your foe. You learn how best to beat your opponent while keeping your head firmly attached to your shoulders!

Game includes:

Two beautifully illustrated, high-quality 23" x 14" play mats (choose Berzerkers or Shieldmaidens)

24 Runes - (real-world runes for use here and in your own divinations)

42 Action cards

1 rules card and player aids

10 Torc tokens

Client Testimonials
Kind words from happy clients
"I wholeheartedly recommend the Joe Slater's In-Bread Pudding. Also the art is gorgeous"
Steeb - via TikTok