Gears of Lore

Gears of Lore is fast-paced card game for 2 or 4 players that gives you everything you need to build insane implements of implosion and mayhem while summoning - and battling - the Forces of Madness. You'll laugh! You'll scream nonsense words at each other! You'll play again after the Na'cho Ami-Gos replace your brain with refried beans!

80 cards depicting terrifying Implements of Destruction by Brian Fadrosh Designs to battle against the Forces of Madness. If you're lucky, you could even end up with fantastical upgrades and a helper or two - if you're lucky. Completely self contained, no dice, markers, or tokens needed.   

Check out some of Brian's amazing custom work at his gallery on Facebook at:


Client Testimonials
Kind words from happy clients
The work is a Lovecraftian pun, cover to cover. A joy to read ,and an eldritch joy to decipher. Nom your way through this. The stars are right