Powers of Light and Darkness
Powers of Light and Darkness

Powers of Light and Darkness

For time unmeasurable, the Creation functioned as the Most High willed. All things had their place, all knew their roles. As the stars wheeled and the cores of galaxies burned, fell dead, and reignited, the Most High grew restless with the Creation. What could be done once, could be done again; and a New Creation was made. This one did not bear the seal of the Most High in its every grain and grist, but only the Hamsa - the mark of the Hand of the Maker. While its form was chosen and set, the New Creation’s inhabitants were left to discover, to grow, and, inevitably - to war - on their own.

The Original Creation saw an Exodus, to the realm of choice for some, and for others - a realm of innocents to save from those who would choose evil. Ancient relics designed for wars that could never happen in the Creation were brought to the Empty Realm, as the New Creation was called by the denizens of its elder sibling. Those who could never die came to fight over and for those who choose. They came to watch these new creatures, so uncertain but so unfettered in their ignorance. For some, fascination combined with freedom from consequence nearly foretold their impulse to domination. Others, who had hurled themselves into the void out of a sense of duty, did what they were bred for - they sought to nurture, protect, and teach; all while bereft of their birthright. Many grew to incalculable power, locked in a struggle not of their making. Some desired nothing so strongly as to forge a breach back what they called the True Creation, and bring all those worthy with them to Paradise. Others fought to let determination remain with the solitary soul, to find salvation or damnation on its own. Some fought to burn what they could not hold, content to rule the ashes.

This is the story of their war. These are the Powers of Light and Darkness.

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"You will love this book for all of the gore-filled recipes based on Lovecraft stories, creatures, and characters. The illustrations that accompany each recipe are fantastic. . . . Super creative . . . it’s definitely a book you will want for your creepy collection, and it’s perfect as a recipe guide for your next Halloween party."
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