Tryrnoth Game Mat  ($30.00)
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What's with the name? Where is that art from?! All shall be revealed....

Tryrnoth is one of the seven Powers of Darkness from the upcoming Powers of Light and Darkness card game - with aweseome artwork by Tentacles & Teeth/Richard Luong. Running out of mouse space and dying of sudden character freeze? Not with this big ole playmat! Need to intimidate opponents during that TCG match? Grab yourself a Power of Darkness, and play like a demon on these first-edition pure-artwork mats. You probably won't see these again without the game iconography on them - so get 'em while you can!

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"Creepy and spooky. . . . Maybe you’re planning a Lovecraft party, or a Halloween party, or you just want a book of spells to read. Either way, you’re set with this hefty, well-appointed tome . . . [that has] the ability to chill you to the bone. "
The Providence Journal