Zor'ian-tah Game Mat  ($30.00)
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What's with the name? Where is that art from?! All shall be revealed....

Zor'ian-tah is one of the seven Powers of Darkness from the upcoming Powers of Light and Darkness card game - with aweseome artwork by Tentacles & Teeth/Richard Luong. Running out of mouse space and dying of sudden character freeze? Not with this big ole playmat! Need to intimidate opponents during that TCG match? Grab yourself a Power of Darkness, and play like a demon on these first-edition pure-artwork mats. You probably won't see these again without the game iconography on them - so get 'em while you can!

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"Your must-have guide to Halloween-season eats . . . a side-splitting romp through Lovecraft’s oeuvre of oddities. Punnishingly delightful names . . . are sure to please the longtime fan and Lovecraftian neophytes."
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