Xyganthrith Game Mat  ($30.00)
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What's with the name? Where is that art from?! All shall be revealed....

Xyganthrith is one of the Powers of Darkness from the upcoming Powers of Light and Darkness card game - with aweseome artwork by Tentacles & Teeth/Richard Luong!   Running out of mouse space and dying of sudden character freeze? Not with this big ole play mat! Need to intimidate opponents during that TCG match? Grab yourself a Power of Darkness, and play like a demon on these first-edition pure-artwork mats. You probably won't see these again without the game iconography on them - so get 'em while you can!

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I had the absolute pleasure of trying out the newest tea, Nyarlathoteap,from @reddukegames today. They are the makers of The Necronomnomnom series of cookbooks. I thought their previous tea, The Earl in Grey, was the best buuuuut….I agree with Mike & say this is more delicious! It’s so good! Made in partnership with The Ohio Tea Company. The Deets- black tea,black currant,nettle,& elderberry. 1.5 teaspoons to 6-8 oz water. In Bag- smells divine. Black currant & elderberry are very prominent. Black tea note kind of takes a back seat or this is just blended very well. Nettle isn’t making an appearance to my nose. I tried it different ways. No sweetener-the natural sweetness of the black currant shines here. With honey- ok, this is very good, it mellows the whole brew out nicely. With honey & creamer- Dang. That is a good cuppa. With sugar- it’s good & amps up the berry taste. With sugar & creamer- tones down the sweetness& also makes a fine cuppa. I definitely preferred it with honey & creamer. There might be a tiny bit of a ‘green’ flavor due to the nettle. I’m not sure as I’m not familiar with the taste of it. All in all, 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ totally recommend to treat yourself with this tea! I’m looking forward to their snack cookbook coming out in October so I can make snacks & enjoy this tea with them!
Angela B. via Facebook