Bella Kat - 2.5" Vinyl Sticker  ($8.00)
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These are so cool! The Bella Kat, from the upcoming "Which One?" expansion - "Which Won? Spooky Edition" - but in a sticker! You can put it on stuff!

These high quality vinyl stickers are not your usual paper sticker. These can be  reused, and come off what you put them on with no terrible residue. Great on glassware, vehicle windows (your own, and not in the way of seeing stuff), Candles (yes, they hold up to the heat), Other Mostly Flat Surfaces! They are even dishwasher safe. Double-sided, the back reads "Always Halloween".

Made In USA

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Lovecraft Cocktails is just as hilarious and creative as the Necronomnomnom. I do wish there were some more Virgin Sacrifices, but everything in the book is well though out, humorously written, and gorgeously illustrated.