Necronomnomnom "Playcemat"  ($30.00)
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Some of your favorite Necronomnomnom art - including the self-noming eldritch Kickstarter cover - on a playmat! High quality, durable neoprene in a 24 x 14" rectangle! These are great for card games and PC gamers alike!

Note: You can use these as actual placemats to enhance your diabolical dinner doings - BUT, if you or your guests eat like escaped shoggoths - please note that not all foodstuffs/victim gobbets will completely wash out every time. We have tested many food and beverage types against these mats with a 30 second exposure, followed by clean up. Predictably, the sooner you get something off the mat, the better your results. Pasta sauce and red wine fade to near-invisibilty with cold water and maybe a little soap. Oils are more problematic. Most everything else comes right out. The pattern is will hide minor residues, but please understand before purchasing that we do not guarantee these against stains. 

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"Wonderful and fun. . . . Not only is the cookbook well produced with great art design, but the content is exceptional. . . . Beautifully done . . . this is an excellent cookbook, and if you are a fan of Lovecraft or just a fan of the macabre, you will love this. If you, like me, are a cookbook collector, this is an indisputable classic that is a must-have."
The Well Seasoned Librarian