Light Leather Dice Tray  ($65.00)
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Each of these heavy gauge double-layered leather trays is beautiully handmade from tooling to stitching. Made in USA by Deeds Designs, each of these is unique and beautiful, bearing the Red Duke Games logo "Sign of the Sundered Helm". 

Easily snap and unsnap for use and carry, slipping into your game bag easily, or on your counter or nightstand as a unique organizer for all the stuff in your pocketses.

Quantities Sold Out. Please allow 4-6 weeks for manufacture and delivery.

Note: these are completely hand made items. Your item may be the one shown in the picture or slightly differ. There will be imperfections that are part of the charm of handmade items. These trays may not be returned for minor imperfections of dyeing, stiching, leatherwork, tooling, or other aesthetic ideosyncrasies.

Please inquire about custom designs, colors, stitching, etc. for your own custom dice tray at or through this site. 

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