Deluxe Leather Logo Pouch  ($30.00)
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This Dodson Designs hand made leather pouch is constructed, dyed, and stitched in the secret Pennsylvania workshop of the talented Don Dodson. It bears the 'Sundered Helm' design that is the logo of Red Duke Games. Brass grommet closures with a stout leather cord protect your dice, runes, hex bones, Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, or whatever else you want to keep inside!

100% Made in U.S.A. by an independent craftsman for an independent game company for independent gamers. Independently. This bag doesn't arrive empty - it's full of the spirit of freedom!*

Approximately 3.5" x 6". This product is made of natural materials and hand-dyed and constructed. Expect some slight variations from the photo.

This is a Pre-Order, and should arrive in 3-4 weeks from time of purchase.



*maybe? Could be? Freeeeeeedom!

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