The Earl in Grey 2oz loose tea  ($13.00)
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A trippy take on a classic, this loose tea brings forth a maddeningly delightful nose to put you in mind (or out of your mind) of black currant and exotic flowers as you lie in a field mellowing out reading your favorite forbidden play. Casual tea drinkers and aficionados alike will revel madly in this expertly blended melange of black and oolong teas, with begamot, cornflower, osmanthus flower, and plum. 

2 oz foil sealed bag of loose tea, perfect for your own infuser or sachets.

Per pot (8-10 oz) use 1.5 tsp, steep at 195 degrees farenheit for 3-4 minutes poured off and refilled immediatelty, you will easily get two pots from one portion (leave second pot to steep about twice as long).


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The wording is so on brand with every recipe, if you like cooking and HP Lovecraft you will 100% get a kick out of this! :)
Honest L.