NecronomApron - Hooded Cultist Apron  ($75.00)
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It's an apron! With a hood! And pockets! Yes, it bears the name and swirling souls design of the Necronomnomnom. It is, the NecronomApron! Hand-made, hand-stictched in the USA, for all your dark culinary needs. These are durable and dashing - and uniquely awesome for keeping the Evil Day Star off you while you grill! Hide your face during unholy rituals of food preparation! Conceal your identity from nosey neighbors, and stare fixed at them over the fence - two glittering point of light within the darkness of your hood! Give them nightmares as you give your guests delicous grilled items from The Necronomicon or the up-coming NecroMunchicon! Grill darkly, my friends. 

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"Creepy and spooky. . . . Maybe you’re planning a Lovecraft party, or a Halloween party, or you just want a book of spells to read. Either way, you’re set with this hefty, well-appointed tome . . . [that has] the ability to chill you to the bone. "
The Providence Journal