The NecroMunchicon - Signed  ($35.00)
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Make scrumptious sacrifices to the Ancient Ones with these bloodcurdling bites for haunted housewarmings, inglorious game nights, and other grim gatherings.

Returning to the slime-covered ruins of the city of R’lyeh and the tentacled deity who slumbers there would make anyone hungry. The terrifying trio behind the best-selling Necronomnomnom have summoned forth another gruesome grimoire: a throng of more than 50 nightmarish nibbles. Organized by taste (bitter, salty, savory, sour, sweet), these ominous noshes will satisfy all your depraved cravings, from the A-tacolypse, Carni-S’mores, and Hot Cthocolate to Maca-Runes, Necronomicorn, and There Cannoli Be One. Mercilessly tested, these puntastic dishes pay horrifying homage to the Lovecraftian cosmos. Like The Necronomicon―the legendary, forbidden book of the dead that’s “alien to all sane and balanced readers”―this tome contains many delicious, malicious secrets within its pages. Appeasing your appetite while shattering your sanity, it comes riddled with mesmerizing illustrations and desperate warnings from those who have gone before. It will bring frightful delight for all the days of darkness to come.

Client Testimonials
Kind words from happy clients
Lovecraft Cocktails is just as hilarious and creative as the Necronomnomnom. I do wish there were some more Virgin Sacrifices, but everything in the book is well though out, humorously written, and gorgeously illustrated.