The Necronomnomnom - A Cookbook of Eldritch Horror
The Necronomnomnom Cookbook

We love H.P. Lovecraft's stories. We love food. We can't really stop the compulsion to make egregious puns. It's a form of insanity...which is perfectly appropriate for fans of Lovecraft's work...

We had this crazy idea... To make an entire Cookbook of recipes based on Lovecraft stories, creatures, and characters, Above all - the book needed to look the part of an ancient tome of forbiden knowledge, and the recipes had to work. We put our tentacle-touched idea on Kickstarter - and the internet wet crazy. With the support of the best backers ever - this book came to be, and started it all. 

These are some damnably good looking and tasting recipe's in here. Make full meals from Breakfast to Dinner and from Drinks to Dessert and possibly even solve a mystery or two. 

Let it teach you the rituals. Scour it for its hidden mysteries. Sacrifice some hard-earned currency to summon forth this Tome of Forbidden Victuals that has been brought into existence.



This is a First Edition Cookbook, 9" x 12" hardcover ultra-premium tome of fifty recipes covering Breakfast to Dinner, cocktails to desserts, heavily seasoned with terrible, terrible puns.

You're sure to love it, and the neighbors are sure to wonder what in the Outer Darkness that thing on your coffee table is.

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The yummy goodness of being sucked in to the black despair at the Return of the Old Ones home coming dinner and cocktails get together . The Necronomnomnom - A Cookbook of Eldritch Horror
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