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What is Numinous?

Numinous is a card-based numbers game, where you continually add points in order to reach a Victory Number. Use mythical creatures and villagers to keep your opponents from reaching the same goal. As a bonus; learn a little about the Mythical Creatures you love and learn how they can really change the game.


Players play a card from their hand in order to reach the Victory Number before the other player(s). First one to reach and keep the Victory Number without being stopped, wins. Every card you play gets you closer to or further away from your goal. Do you add points with your villagers or add points with a Beastie. A Beastie? What’s that? The Beasties are the creatures and monsters from Myth, Lore and Legend, each with their own specific abilities. Play a Big Monster, earn points, and maybe eat a villager and really make the game change; I mean; to a Monster, Villagers are squishy… but yummy. As more and more points are played, you get closer or further away from the Victory number; but be careful your opponents are doing the same.. Do you have the numbers and Beasties to reach the Victory Number? And once there, will the other players be able to stop you?

Ages: 8+               Players: 2-4

Time: 20 – 30+ minutes

Components:  103 cards: 55 Mythical Creature Cards/40 Villagers Cards /8 Events cards & Instructions.

Needed to play: A play surface & coins, counters or tokens (recommended).

  • Broad Appeal – to educators, gamers, young and old!
  • Familiar mythologies are incorporated into the Cards!
  • Easy to learn! – Easy to follow Rules!
  • Open the box and start playing in less than 10 minutes!
  • Simple Goals with ever changing game play!
  • Never the same game twice!
  • Even the weakest card can have the biggest effects!
  • More than one way to win!
  • Each Mythological Creature card has literary, academic or cultural references about that creature. Learn about the myths, legends and characters that form the basis of the game.
  • Educators can design lessons and exercises based on cards or games. A suggested lesson planning and idea guide is being developed as a web-resource on our site ( {Coming Soon}
  • Other mythological Expansions are planned! (over 5 additional expansions planned)


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